Sunday 25 October 2009

CFH Ride this year

Went for a ride this summer to try and intercept the guys on the tipple run.
The weather was great that day and the 3 of us rode down to windsor and on to sailsbury
or some thing. turned back at that stage as I only have a daytime use mot. no lights see. the bikes worked good. I lost a couple of bits there on the journey. The oil cap on the gearbox came off. Some people at a car garage kindly gave me a rubber bung that fitted in the top of the oil bag. So I put the oil bag cap on the gearbox. Then on the return journey I went to change gear and there was no gear lever. I had to ride all the way back to london and through all the traffic stuck in 4th gear. Good tourque meant that I could actually pul away in 4th. Richard took this nice photo.

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