Friday 9 October 2009

KILLINGER and FREUND rare amazing mysterious etc

This bike is so mysterious. well the full story exists but the bikes current location is a mystery.
One would like to think that if a bike was as unusual as this then it would be guided through time with care not reckless abandon. Looing at these images reminds me of an alien being discovered and then needlessly disected and abused.
If i had the loot I would go out of the way to track down whatever remains of this item and see that it is preserved.
here are the pictures


  1. Could you please tell me the source of these pictures. My email is

  2. Only the tin can thrown away next too it, may at least give away the country it is now in. If it was taken as war booty by an American GI in WW2 it may be in any US state. At least one which has autumn. Count out Florida and go from there, I am sad today! I also like to hear about its whereabouts!

  3. The whereabout's is known now. It's back in germany. This info from somebody who knows, "The pix of it sitting with no wheels on it are from the Oley, PA, AMCA event a few years back. A member named Harry Buck had the bike for a long time. It was discovered back in the 60's in a Philadelphia womens basement. There was a ton of paper work that went with it, with all of it's history. Her father brought it over from Germany. He was involved with the project from the beginning. It was after he passed that she sold it. The only thing missing was the rear wheel. (I know the person that has that wheel and won't part with it.) Harry sold the bike to some men from Germany. They know what they have and their plans were to restore it as it was in the Munich bike show back in 1938, I believe?"