Saturday 12 December 2009

Its so nice I had to post it twice

This one kicks hole. Honda cub c90 c 90 c70 cub supercub super cub crunch step through customised c 90


  1. Is it not a Honda ST 70 Dax molded?

  2. Could be, or it could be a c200 because of the large wheels.
    Yea c200 or c 201 maybe.

  3. Yep the wheels are cub. But the frame is dax. Used to have a lot of them. Beautifuly done!

  4. You could be right, I was looking at this bike
    click here
    I was thinking it could be one of these as it has the dax type frame but already has the large wheels, and the long distance between front and engine.
    Not sure tho. I want to find out for definite so i can buy me one ha ha