Wednesday, 10 March 2010

High street tshirt crap

I saw this good blog post one the Sprunghubs 'n' Hardtails blog. I can relate to this as I know somebody working in the tshirt design-for-brands trade.
I might as well post the same post from that blog.
"Ass Kicking...
is probably what you'll get if your stupid enough to buy and wear one of these trendy designer Tees.....
I saw a spotty youth wearing a pair of jeans with this logo on the ass the other day, he had spikey highlighted hair and a Versace Tee Shirt, I was dumbfounded...

It not only has what resembles (very closely) a 'Deaths Head' on it but also has an MC and 1% symbol in the middle, I hope they sue the ass off them and then set fire to their company...... oh yeah and by the way Dumbass that aint the 13th fighter Squadron, this is..."


  1. Stupid... just plain stupid, some poor kiddy could get into real trouble through no fault of his own, i hope their lawyers are on it.. more bucks in the HA bank account.

  2. I guess the "Sons of Anarchy" stuff is selling well enough to give people
    some ideas.