Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Project BSA

A bit of work on the BSA. Mainly checking things bought and seeing what I have/what's needed. A lot of buying things then re selling bits of them. Then realising things bought are junk or need other bits that are like rocking horse dung. Lean it all together for a mock up. This makes it psychologically seem like its getting somewhere. I'm hung up on the rear wheel at the moment. I't's becoming a money pit. So many little bits needed to get a complete rear wheel.


  1. diggin the tank Max, the whole deal in fact... gonna be a fine thing to see this come together

  2. Yea that tank was the one I designed for the b31 I had before. It will need adapting to fit this bike. I just got another cool tank im going to check out on the frame l8tr.