Monday, 2 May 2011


I need a seat and was considering one of those Bates type nock offs. I see the Haifley bros do good ones, also Bear parts. Theyre all a bit pricey tho, A consultation with Baybutt resuted in me attempting to make one.
Seems it isn't that hard ha ha.
Need a welder now as I have no access to a welder. Also upholstery
Maybe if I can find a second hand seat that would be easier after all. Anyone got a small solo seat for sale? (not lycett type, more bates'y)
Also, can anyone do welding on the bike? Fuel tank, seat bracket etc? I did all the engine and mechanic stuff, that's the easy bit. Now I am a bit stumped having no welding/fabricating gear.


  1. check these guys out, in your neck of the woods


  2. Hi there
    Thanks for the link, I can't find anywhere on their site or the other one to buy or see the price. Where do You get them?

  3. Caulfield leather are at:

    Unit A/C Joseph Adamson Ind Estate
    Croft Street
    Hyde, Cheshire
    SK14 1EE

    Tel: 0161 3679324


    I think it's a one-man band, stuff looks okay though,.I think a Bates type seat is £130 ish.

    I've got a TIG set-up which I'm reasonably good with; trouble is it's not portable so anything you wanted welding would need to be very carefully marked for position. Seat would probably be doable, tank is a different matter but I do have access to silver soldering which might be more suitable depending on what wants doing.
    Drop me a line at
    MR C M Webb (ATT) hot mail (DOTT) com

    (I'm in Highbury, North London)

  4. Cheers, Ill sort out what I need and may be in contact. Nice one.

  5. I've got a fucked old stick welder, and I live miles away-any help?

  6. Thanks for the offer, I will bear that in mind.