Friday 10 June 2011

Thing update

Clutch on, clutch off, clutch on, clutch off. It slips, then after adjustment it grinds, won't dissengage and also slips to boot ha ha. Need to find a Triumph clutch as this 6 spring one is pants. Anyway a great tip is to use the clutch lever (handlebar) with a larger pivot, so after swaping the front brake lever over and with the new upside down larger leverage lever the clutch has much more lift.
    A word of advice, If You have an inkling that the bike might be running in a "lean" state, sort it out! The jets are all sitting in the shed ready to tackle the carburation but it's too late. Maybe a hone and new rings will be ok but I doubt it. Re bore and piston probably. It's My fault! I ciesed the engine at speed boo hoo.


  1. I have never ever felt inclined to comment on a blog before..I certainly enjoy looking at them and do so on a regular basis, but I can't resist with this post....You have created an amazingly beautiful motorsickle, and for what it's worth I wanted to give you a typographic pat on the back, props to you. I hope you get this thing running good and proper asap. Everything on that 'Thing' looks spot on, I'm drooling with jealousy. Keep on keeping on and enjoy raising hell.

  2. Thanks for the comment, I hope as well ha ha!

  3. it does look great mate - look forwards to riding with you again

  4. g'day Max.

    have a look-see at these before you ditch the 6 spring all together:,302.0.html