Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Gaskettes, all girl moped gang!

Swoon and Desroy! (Thats the website)
Got sent a "heads up" about these lot. Yea girls for a change. An all girl moped gang from LA called The Gaskettes. Nice to see some girls doing cool stuff with bikes, and seems they're super media savvy-ness is getting them some attention.
Swoon and Destroy
The Facefuzz

I went on their facebook and got these images, and got sent a couple too. Way too rad already for trendy lids, massive brain buckets are the order of the day.

 Puch maxi, one of the ped's of choice.


  1. daniel who is seen holding the beer in the last shot of the video was killed recently....r.i.p. buddy. :(

  2. That is real bad news. r.i.p