Wednesday 28 December 2011

Yo Ho Hoe's part 2

Yea been offline for a while, But here's some from the regularly checked blogs!
Sideblog has this good Goldstar, I'd love one of these barstards. A Goldstar Flat tracker.

 I was on that Pete Stansfield site Eat t' Rich, There was a link to JLC's Flickr, With images of the North Weald Sprint, I HAVE to go to that. ( I posted pics before)

And a crazy machine from Japanese blog Daikoube


  1. the machine is a planer. It has a cutter that just slides back and forth, and the workpiece is clamped in place. As it slides by, it cuts a flat surface. They were used in the old days to make a flat on raw castings. Then the part could be put on a mill to have holes drilled, etc. neat old machine. I worked one that was 10 feet tall and 15 feet long. I have no idea why it was made so big, maybe to build ships or something.

  2. @occhiolungo thanks nice one. good info! nice website.