Thursday 12 April 2012

Catch a Dream

All is explained in this link.
Summer 2012 will be the time,  3 ordinary men; Frenchman Vincent Prat (SouthsidersMC) and Spaniards; JR. Ortega (GoodforRetro) and David Borras (ElSolitarioMC), will try to meet their destiny on one of those places they have veneered for years, Utah's Bonneville Salt Flats. It is in Bonneville's salty tracks, where for half a century, dreamers from all over the world have pursued and shared their wildest adventures. Its the rush for speed, the ultimate modern pleasure. The event chosen by the Impossible Team will be the honorable Speedweek, held in August and hosted by the Southern California Timing Association (SCTA).
In speed heaven, the Impossible Team with their secret machines, will try to push through the barrier of their wildest dream trying to get closer to motorcyclist plenitude.

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