Thursday, 3 May 2012

E J Potter RIP

I just read the sad news about the passing of E J Potter. So I am posting a bunch of pictures, I dont know where I got all these, online somewhere. I'ts always a bit sad when a living legend becomes non living. RIP to the Michigan Madman. Also I have been trying to get his book an video for ages. Some of his creations are my favourite machines. The bikes are also among my favourites. Some info here

 Check out this footage

 This is the generator for his less well known electric car pictured below.


  1. its amazing how people get creative in the quarter mile. Lots of unsung heroes rocked the strip! Burn Rubber in Peace , EJ!

  2. RIP one of lifes true characters, the world is a smaller, darker place without him. He didnt just stretch the envelope, he ripped it up, shredded it then set light to it with some high octane fuel! He wont rest in peace Im sure...rock on EJ!