Friday, 29 June 2012

CFH Photo Competition bump

Win Yourself 100 free business cards. We had some good entries so far. Anything goes so as long as there is CFH in the picture its good enough.
Here's the details, deadline has flexibility.
Moo Cards x CFH competition:-
If you've got a slammin' enough bike to warrant an ASBO (Absolutely Slamming Bike Order), or you've nabbed one of our postcards at a show then you've held a Moo postcard. Proper quality, fast turnaround and based in the UK. All you want / need from a business card company. Check them out  HERE

Wanna get some printed for yourself? Course. Brothers from another blog, Moo have offered 3 sets of 100 business cards to you. The best 3 photos we receive with CFH somewhere in the pic will win your own cards. The logo can be anything, written on paper, sprayed on bike, on a tshirt or whatever. Or you can scratch it on your tank with a rusty nail. Spread the word, take a photo and send it to

Entries close July 1st so you've tons of time. (flexible)

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