Friday 2 October 2009

Nice AJS
tear you a new ass

Desoto Hemi

Desoto Hemi
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20 over girder

20 over girder
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A Corpses from Hell outing
One of the mopeds I breifly owned, A bit of fun.

Arlen's Especial

Arlen's Especial
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This mcwont is putting some
exellent pics on flickr

Mega cycle

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Look at the amazing bike. Eye heroin
This pictur courtesy of the Lowbrow customs flickr set

Amal carb

Mad BSA dope motor discovery

Found this in the Garden of Elderly Gent. Looks to have had evtensive work at one time.

Brilliant Enfield

Here is me
Lets all look
at pictures of me. me me me
(Photos by
Here is the honda CG 125 that some fellow artists and I customised.
I did the engraving and fuel tank front. and the modifications to the bike.
Go here for all the pictures

I have been following this on the vintagent Its the best bike in the world in my opinion
Super Kim, stare at it

More from stamford
cress rain mac curtain vendor

Might as well start with some random bike shots.
The Broughs were taken at stamford hall this year.
The other pic is just there for some eye fun

Yea, Hildebrand & Wolfmuller. One of the first mass production

Hi, Russ Collins Honda Dragbike

Thursday 1 October 2009

Welcome to the Corpses from Hell Blog. Not sure where its going but here is some Nut For You.