Friday 12 February 2010

Panther Pegasus sprint bike in march issue of The Classic Motorcycle

This thing looks awesome. It is in the March issue of The Classic Motorcycle magazine.
Quote from the mag " This sprinter was built by three engineering apprentices in the early 1960's - and it's continued to impress with it's rapid pace in the decades since."

Photo credit : John Wilkinson
Year: 1938/63
Engine: 4 stroke ohc single
Engine Year: 1936/63
Bore x stroke: 88x100mm
Capacity: 605cc
Carburettor: 1 1/2in Amal GP
Gearbox: Norton AMC speed
Ign: Lucas magneto

Wednesday 10 February 2010

BSA M20 article taken from Classic British Motorcycles by Andrew Kemp & Mirco De Cet

BSA M20 article taken from Classic British Motorcycles by Andrew Kemp & Mirco De Cet
It's the whole write up as it appears in the book. Pic is from book also.

"When world war II began, BSA was Britain's major motorcycle factory, with the proud boast that 'one in four is a BSA'. The firm had supplied the armed forces in world war one, and as befitted a company that began as an armament manufacturer, had geared up to produce munitions as early as

Tuesday 9 February 2010

being skint and old bikes dont mix

This is the carcass of the bike I'm trying to do. M20 frame and a B31 engine. The tank was designed and made for the b31 I had. But It will fit this one with a mod here and there. It is all made of alloy. It seems to be a one step forwards two steps back situation tho. I.e getting this far and possibly having to sell the lot to pay rent ha ha.
I have partially compete girder for the front also.
I consider seling this and any other stuff I have for one rideable jap bike.

Monday 8 February 2010

Yamaha xs650 custom

Nicked from the web

Honda super 90 record speed machine

This picture from the JJ

The rest of this text is the story of this cool Honda super 90 engined record breaker, taken from the JJ (link)

In 1969, my brother and I got a hair up our butts and decided to see how fast we could make his old Honda Super 90 run. The engine was an OHC 89cc 4 stroke. I had the barrel bored out to