Saturday 23 October 2010


Another from yonks ago. Harley Davidson Flathead.
harley davidson flathead bobber

Grids from the jumble

Took these earlier at the recycling binge
 Moto Guzzi 250 ts
 Triumph cafe/rat/thing thing.
 BSA c15 trials trim?
BSA C11? With humungus fairing shield ha ha.

Tuesday 19 October 2010

Eye candy

Video Contest Update

Had some great submissions already, good stuff. If You just have mobile phone footage and no editing facilities no probs. Any video is fine no matter how gnarly. No worries about quality. Something special may be captured in any footage. I am glad for the submissions so far, means I won't be giving the prize to myself.
just to recap on the rules (these are flexible)
prefferebly pre 79 bikes (flexible)
Your own video (not existing web footage)
Around 1 - 2 minutes ish.
Prefferably new video's filmed after this contest commenced (16/10/10) but there is also flexibility on that.
I end the contest on 17/11/10
Original post

The Acceleration Archive

Always worth a butchers. Good old drag racing look here

Monday 18 October 2010

helix miles

1927 P&M Panthette, 250cc

Got one of these in the shed Have You? 1927 P&M Panthette, 250cc
 Pic and info from here.
"At the Olympia Show in October 1926 the Granville Bradshaw designed Panthette stole

Bodyline custom specialities

These guys do amazing things with Honda c90's, Dax and chally things and other custom Honda bikes.
Check out the flickr for mor.I did mention them before too. 

Sideburn Scarf's

Its a good looking scarf by sideburn. Look there's one with happy customer Chris Cooke sporting the slamming new CFH tee. Get the tee here (look right) and get the scarf Here.

Sunday 17 October 2010

Video Contest

An example of one that I just nocked up. Quick and easy (not much bike cos its hard to film yourself riding) My camera was about to be stolen in the time it took to burn down the road and back, on an empty side street. The first car to pass was then reversing to nick it.
If anybody enters to win the tshirt I'll do the comp for 1 month, deadline for submission is 17th november 2010. If nobody enters I win my own shirt ha ha