Monday 30 August 2010

The head repair

The cast iron BSA cylinder head. The oil drain part that takes the oil back to the crankcase was broken off. I sought lots of advice regarding the repair. In the end I decided to get the 2 faces taken back to flat surfaces, then thread the holes and insert some sort of bung to take the hoses off. The engineering place were going to do that but when It was collected they welded it. Looks like it shoud work. its a low stress part.

The B series crank, rocker gear and combustion chamber

This is from the B33 engine. Interesting mods. 65-1652 inlet valve.

Argh, not this twit again

Japan Sparetime

All via sparetime

Sunday 29 August 2010

Chris Lee on the wall of death (pic nicked from web)

Ducati 860GT at the Ace.

There's some info on these beasts here

Suzuki Raider 125cc mini monster (import)

Good ride out and about today. I was on my Honda cb400 and Rich was on his import Suzuki. The "underbone" Suzuki 125 is fast as a mo fo.

Very little exists information wise on this suckah. there is some text here on a blog called Riders Motorcycle. It reads: "
This mini monster called by many motorcycle enthusiast is living up to its branding. Small but big in power and performance. This bike is powered by a