Saturday 21 May 2011

Bike show

Kempton bla bla. Super rad Ariel sprinter that runs on methanol was there. Must find out where and when these sprint meets happen. If that's where things like this hang out, sounds like the place to be. Apparently this things got a load of history, and also took somebodies life due to a tank slapper. It now has a fat steering dampener.

Thursday 19 May 2011


I like the wheel disc style. more pictures here

Another sprint barge on ebay

This looks like a laugh

Test Rig

For anyone who is interested, gaffa tape and hose clips for a test ride. It moves! My clutch repair seems to have worked. Gearbox might need adjusting tho. I edited out the bit where I got a grilling for too much noise.


I checked the blog recently. Good shiz from the salt.


Moulded BSA from Daikoube again. I wonder where this basted is now? Probably "parted out" as they say in US of A

Sunday 15 May 2011

hors de contrĂ´le

Bonjour. This BSA that Roland did slams in your grill. I watched the build and the result is great. You don't need a v-twin or triumph to get the look. Here it's been done with a single and it does not look all off kilter, It looks good. Good proportions and stance bla bla yea cool

Haze Tri-JAP

Like, cool. frome the Hazeinator