Saturday 2 June 2012


Here's a link to the post I did about this impossible team project a while back. Here are some pictures of the Triumph that is going to Bonneville. It was painted up by Ornamental Conifer (I did the oil tank) Here's a picture of the nose cone by OC. Also a picture of the T shirt I did for the project. Buy the shirt here to support the project.

ESMC Baula

I look forward to seeing this thing finished. Going to be insane. Its El Solitario mc in the house. The BMW R75 project 'Baula'

Thursday 31 May 2012

TT 55 Years ago, its all about the dustbins

Thought I'd get my scan on. Heres a bunch of scans from the Motor Cycling magazine, June 6 1957. It contains all kinds of TT information from the Golden Jubilee TT. Dustbins. Dustbin fairings.
'A-town' baby

 Check out this mash of tubing
Look at these vintage motorcycle advertisements. Vintage motorcycles period adverts. Classifieds from a vintage magazine. 1957 motorcycle advert's. Check out the prices. I'll have that AJS twin for now! Then I'll have that Vincent Black Shadow for 239 quid.