Friday 29 July 2011

Supercharged JAP from Finland

Yea I got sent these great pictures of this Supercharged JAP made by Anssi Kantonen in Finland. This is a quote about the bike:-
"The frame is homemade. The idea was make a slightly customed "Brough
Superior" style racer. The front end is modified from early British
Zenith. The Supercharger is AMR with S.U HS4 carb. The petrol/ oil tank is
also my homemade."

Thursday 28 July 2011

BSA Goldstar

The gorgeous BSA goldstar. The dream bike of many. Look at that amazing brown tank. This from beware the flowers

Road side repair

Gaffer tape, a good one for biking toolkit! 50 miles thinking, "where the heck is that rattling noise coming from?"
Suspecting the worst, gearbox dragging on road, con rod rubbing on rear wheel, piston smashing into handlebars etc. A gail force petrol shower to the chest suddenly gives the answer. A loose petrol cap, as usual the answer is right there in front of the ole eyes.
Trusty gaffa to the rescue (and a snapped pen).

Monday 25 July 2011


Gradually getting sent. Thanks for those purchases! Postage up until now has been free but unfortunately I have to start charging postage from now onward.

76 KZ 400

I got sent these pictures by Zoran Holtkamp from the Netherlands. Its his KZ 400