Monday 8 November 2010

150 mph on a motorcycle

Got this great clip from

Here is the accompanying text from the website.
Full title reads: "Cork. 150 miles an hour on a motor cycle! Streamlined in every possible way even to his helmet - J S Wright and an O.E.C. - J.A.P-engined - wins back record for Britain from Germany."

Cork, Eire, Southern Ireland, Republic of Ireland.

Motorcyclist J S Wright gets ready for his record attempt. His clothing is being strapped down to cut back on wind resistance. He even has tape put around his throat - this looks a little dangerous. BV of him wearing a streamlined motorcycle helmet.

Views of his streamlined OEC motorbike with its J.A.P engine. Mechanics are checking over the bike.

Views of Wright preparing for his ride. Good CU and MS of Wright as he gets onto his bike and prepares to start off.

Shots of the bike being towed behind a car to get up to starting speed.

Shots of the motorcycle making several passes at high speed along very straight stretch of road. Good shot as bike passes under banner advertising BP (British Petroleum) Motor Spirit.

N.B. Joseph S Wright of Great Britain broke the speed record at 150.74 mph on 6/11/30.