Friday 16 August 2013

Lightning Bolts

Smashing through the air so fast all the air gets knocked unconscious and falls on the ground.
 J A Prestwich sprint motorcycle

 Nice Moto Guzzi

 Honda classic racer

 Nice Norton
 John Renwick Vincent Epimetheus

 Racing Ariel

 Kawazaki 1000 drag/sprint bike

Wednesday 14 August 2013

North.. whatever. heres some more bikes

Bikes bikes bikes bla bla bla. Check out these. Faster than javelins thrown by a giant superman who has been weight training and has overdosed on mega super power cerum, and he's running and throwing at the same time making the thrown object that much faster.


 greeves sprint outfit

 Supercharged Westlake

 Supercharged BSA 250

 Rad Triumph speed machine

 classic honda racing bike
Norton barge
J. A. Prestwich sprint bike.

Tuesday 13 August 2013

North Weald Rockets 2

Beholde, Torpedo's plentiful and in abundance. 16 more
 Stripped down scooter thing
 A female piloted this one

 Awesome Velocette Sprint bike

 JAP Sprint bike
 Triumph sidecar outfit
 Scott Sidecar outfit

 GSXR Drag bike

 Nice Greeves