Saturday 13 August 2011

Japan ones

Yea they like their Harleys over there,. They 're getting they're  hog on big time. I was on that bubblevisor, then on some other Japanese site, then on another etc. Heres some pics from this jins one

Thursday 11 August 2011

The Jan Mulder Special

Nice Velocette of 1948 from Hans Viveen. Nice one.

Open Megaphone

Must be LOUD. This from lenjonez.

Exellent cubs on the chalopy

Yea been checking out the mad cub/c70/c90 Hondas on the Chalopy site. The red one apparently from AFS custom bikes, again go to the Chalopy for the details of all these cubs! Custom Honda cub fest.

 Its good what they did to the legsheilds here. Looks like leather.

Tuesday 9 August 2011

More pics via email

Thanks to Nic Mantagu for these good old good ones. A bit of everything here, BSA, Norton, Triumph, JAP, Ariel and I could be mistaken but is that a Suzuki T 500? or maybe a Honda