Saturday 6 November 2010

1947/8 Moto Guzzi

Computer virus fixed. heres another from On Two Wheels. 1947/8 Moto Guzzi 250cc racer as ridden by Maurice Cann

On Two Wheels

The books I have had for Years. I have got almost 2 sets of these. One set was given to me by the late Douglas Bennington, a one legged ex bike rider, who was in trouble from the council for having a massive yard full of scrap metal, truck containers, corrigated metal, car engines, mopeds, sheep, pigs, excrement, crazy dogs and all kinds of other mad junk. These books contain virtually all the bike makes from the invention of motorcycling, and all the sports and loads of stuff.
Nutter at Santa Pod
 Dave Taylor tries for an ASBO
 Ariel 500cc 1928 in competition
 Harry Marks 1928 on AJW motorcycle

Monday 1 November 2010

Sunday 31 October 2010

Bump for vid comp. win a tee

Had some great submissions already, good stuff. If You just have mobile phone footage and no editing facilities no probs. Any video is fine no matter how gnarly. No worries about quality. Something special may be captured in any footage. I am glad for the submissions so far, means I won't be giving the prize to myself.
just to recap on the rules (these are flexible)
prefferebly pre 79 bikes (flexible)
Your own video (not existing web footage)
Around 1 - 2 minutes ish.
Prefferably new video's filmed after this contest commenced (16/10/10) but there is also flexibility on that.
I end the contest on 17/11/10


Saw this on 3bp blog or something

BSA Road Rocket Rebuild then Wreck

Imagine going to all that trouble then getting it all smashed away. Nightmare.