Tuesday 4 January 2011


Gale force blogging. It looks like one of those Meguro engines. Interesting, the early days of the Japanese bike industry. Meguro was taken by Kawasaki. This one from surippakai blog.

Bonjorno, a load of old french gear

Koehler - Escoffier Monneret v twin motorcycle. Flat tank, total loss lube system. I'll have to read up on this sucker. It's from the Vintagent bloog.

AJS Custom

That freakin manji blog has this slammin AJS on there too

Eyes Candy

Candy for the eyes. I think this blog is a bit slow to load with all the images, so I switched it to weekly archiving which should make it quicker. It doesent seem to have kicked in yet tho :s I got this pic from manjichopper. Looks like a helled up tomos ped. I'd ride one of these for sure.

Sunday 2 January 2011

Nice Velo

1956 250 Velocette Joe Potts Special, ex Bob Mac and Dennis Gallagher. From Here