Wednesday 16 November 2011

Two wheel worship

You may have seen this Video before somewhere (I might have put it on here cant remember!). I like it for the bike that the sensible race guy has. It is a B series BSA. Good sound as He bump starts that thing. It's a BSA "Special" ( that's what they called/call modified bikes, Now its changed to "custom" or the type of custom (cafe, bobber, chopper etc) And this film's from 59 apparently. Early cafe racer stylee!


Yea this is a demonstration of excellent "drifting" abilities on a bike. Good control and skills etc, wow nice one. If only I could do this! If I could I might go to a social engagement and a female might say, "So what do You do?" I'd be like "Yea drifting, You know, on like, motorbikes, Bikes Yea? And then I could watch her glaze over and make her excuses. But hey, at least I'd be a drifting God.

Tuesday 15 November 2011

CFH @ Rollerburn 2

Yea who needs a Chinese factory when You can do it at home? I probably do! A couple of cock up's but the t-shirts are slowly being created. The writing from one of the designs is going to be omitted due to one cockup.
Here is the other design below. Rollerburn info.