Friday 2 July 2010

shinya kimura

If this is the only motorcycle blog you read then enjoy. If not, you'll undoubtably already have seen this.


The Vintagent just posted what I think is the same AJS in an earlier pre supercharged state. Apparenty it still exists in the National Motorcycle Museum here in the UK. If so I'm goin to see the basted.

Tuesday 29 June 2010

Supercharged AJS v twin

I posted a picture of the mysterious bike previously. This new picture just appeared on the blog 大神戸共榮圈. I dont know what that is but here's the link
Here is the new pic, nice one

Here is the old one I had from somewhere

Sunday 27 June 2010

The completed job.

I must have made the bike more appealing because somebody attempted to steal it. Look there's the ignition barrel completely busted open. Good job the bike is currently not functioning, the fact that the bike didn't work at the time of the theft was a blessing in disguise.
Honda cb400 four 1977 custom cafe cb 400 f 400f gold leaf bare metal raw tank

New paint job quickie

I got the tank back to bare metal, laquered it, then did gold leaf and enamel paint on it. that includes the sidepannels.

Shovelhead chopper picture from flickr

This one is from the Photostream of flickr user mcwont aka Jeff McCann, custom motorcycle artist extrordinaire. The text reads "Harmon girder forks, Santee weld on hartail (to the raked swingarm frame) Paughco Mustang tank and homemade seat pans upholstered by the local hotrod shop. This former CHP auction bike also features Hallcraft 5 spoke welded steel wheels. These predated the billet wheel craze by a decade."