Friday 6 April 2012

Epic Sheffield #2

More pictures from the amazing Sheffield trip, This time some are included from Sunday's Honda c90 Matlock Bimble. Here is one of the Rusty Nail dudes and I. Check Rusty Nail's blog here
Quite a high percentage of the c90's were using chinese pit bike engine's to increase power, including me.
I got a bit freindly with the ground!
Rusty nail Ross

The army!

Gnarly green lane section.

Boo with cool cub.



Kaneda's bike goes on a roadtrip round Japan to raise money for child autism & tsunami relief. Link

Tuesday 3 April 2012

Epic Sheffield #1

CFH in Sheffield. Everyone needs to go to Sheffield for a ride, amazing scenery, epic views, nice people and amazing windy/hilly lanes to get lost in. Burn some of the dust off the sides of Your tyres! I have this 1974 Honda c70 which I updated with a 140cc stomp pit bike engine, which claims to deliver 16bhp at the flywheel. Had to deliver/collect some stuff so I put the recently roadworthy Honda in the back of the car. The weekend was a blaze of raucous cornering and culminated in a 40-50 strong convoy of Honda c90's that turned out for the Matlock bimble, a dedicated Honda cub run.
   I must admit I was dubious about the Matlock bimble beforehand but it turned out to be one of the most amazing motorbike rides and I'm thouroughly glad I went! It was also the first chance I had to give the yx140 engine a good old try out, and it didn't disappoint! The poor bike was coming apart at the seams with the force! I recommend everybody get's a Honda cub, You will know the score once You try one, like bike crack.
   1st pics are from Saturday's scenic ride, Baybutt, Myself and Malco explore the hills. (obviously Baybutt took the photos)
The steeds
 A visit to Mike and Katie (We Are Tado) Totally nice folks.
 A work in progress!
 Check the front wheel, That's bouncing like a basketball!

 Custom honda c90 choppy cub choopy c70 ratbike pit bike engine in cub etc bla bla

Sunday 1 April 2012

Go to this

Rusty Gold swap meet
Bubblevisor dudes are organising a swap:-

Free entrance

Do you have classic wheels related stuff in your garage, barn or starage that you don't need any more?
Bring it to the Rusty Gold Swap Meet to trade or sell.
If it has anything to do with custom culture, has two wheels (or so), bring it!
We will have live music and food and drinks
Now all we need is sunshine and nice people

Zuiderzeeweg 29

Bring your best ride to show off!
No prices, no judges and no admission fee.
Just buy a drink at the bar and you will make our day.

If you want to get involved send a mail to
more info will follow in the coming days