Friday 14 January 2011

Supercharged 1948 WL Harley Davidson

Nick from Austrailia sent good links to some good old good ones on Yourtube. I'll shove em on here. Starting with this nice in depth look at Thunder Road Racing's 48 WL Bonneville thing.
Bike specs are
1948 WL Harley 935cc
Daul plugs
Toyota Blower
Hand ground cams
Daul right side ports

Sunday 9 January 2011

500cc speedway vs Vmax

Just found htis interesting video on You tube. Not sure of the outcome but the comments relay this information.
"this is the vid of the first run with 100% Methanol...the VMax wins
but by the second run with a mix of 40%Nitromehanol she wins"

Totally Nuts. Freaky Deaky