Wednesday 19 January 2011

Triumph 'ices' Japanese bikes. (well, at the start anyway)

Another one from nick. Seen this Triumph before have you? Watch this great video of it racing off ahead of the other bikes, then the drifting styles round the bends. I got the picture from the front of the Readers Digest Magazine.

Sunday 16 January 2011

Just learnt how to take a screenshot after all these years of using a computer and making websites and learning all the software for this that and the other. Never new how to do this.
Heres the engine from that video.

Hows that for a cake

I watched this fun video of the Flashback Fabrication guys having a startup party for their latest Excelcior bike. They make the Excelsior board track racer replicas. None of the original bikes exist as they were all destroyed after a rider crashed and died on one back in the day.Check the video here.