Saturday 23 June 2012

Piston melt

It has been quiet here lately as I was away at this Wheels and Waves event. It was really good I will post some pictures later. We rode back from france but the BSA gave up after about 1000km. The magneto fell to bits. Screws came off, strap loosened, timing got messed up and here's the result. Made it from London - Portsmouth - Santander - Biarritz - Calais.

Wednesday 20 June 2012

Hope Show 2012

Hayfever time again! I missed the Lancia and the Ogle but other than that, fairly similar to last year. Caught up with the Rusty Nail crew which is always a treat. It didn't rain so the shenanigans outside the Travelers Rest were going off... winner was the double doughnut in the Ferrari 308 (Magnum's car). Unexpected and amazing. Good wheelie from a fully loaded BMW GS too. The highlight was someone in the crowd snatching the notebook from the overzealous marshal containing all the reprobate's registration plates. Good work lad.

Anyway - notables...

^ This is the kind of thing we want for the photo comp but much much better. Benly for the win.
Gas Gas sidehack covered in dolly birds. winner.
you might laugh but he'll be long gone...the turbo on this thing was massive.
Heard Rusty Nail Ross has a soft spot for this one.

Monday 18 June 2012

CX build

Quiet on here as the prez is away in France at the Southsiders 'Wheels and Waves' party. Looks like a proper blast but I'm sure you've already seen the internet collapsing under the weight of photos of slamming bikes in the sunshine. I was set to go also but a job came in and that took over. Before the trip though I've been fixing up a honda cx500 which malco is piloting and by all accounts, looking after it. CX's are a bit in-vogue at the mo which is a shame but anyway; here's some build shots.

I feel like Bubblevisor with all these shots! Think I cursed the bike as literally this second, I got the call - "it's broken down". Crap. Collectively, cross your fingers for the Corpses in France (and everywhere else for that matter). Will be right.

Epic riding shots from France coming soon, plus a video of the amazing tank paint.