Friday 9 October 2009

KILLINGER and FREUND rare amazing mysterious etc

This bike is so mysterious. well the full story exists but the bikes current location is a mystery.
One would like to think that if a bike was as unusual as this then it would be guided through time with care not reckless abandon. Looing at these images reminds me of an alien being discovered and then needlessly disected and abused.
If i had the loot I would go out of the way to track down whatever remains of this item and see that it is preserved.
here are the pictures

Tuesday 6 October 2009

This video is mad, The bloke made the bike including
the engine

Monday 5 October 2009

Great looking Enfield,
Picture courtesy of the Sparetime website.
From the 4th New order chopper show.

Brough Superior Race Bike

George Brough's own bike "Old Bill"
courtesy of veggiesosage.

Brough Superior 1000

Brough Superior 1000
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what a beuty

I'm gutted, Forced to sell
My BSA B32 on ebay

Corpses from hell jacket

Look, 1970's all british.
Everyting manufactured in Britain.
saftey, comfort and longevity of components.
The engine was by reliant, an all alloy 848cc unit.
This thing did over 100mph
Feet forward position riding.
The feet forward position.
Retro Biking fun.


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nice one from mcwont again

I love this picture, I would like to source its origins/identify the bike etc