Wednesday 27 October 2010

More barges from the last couple of months

Nice Douglas MK5 I think
Check this cockpit out ha ha
Harley Davidson Military style

Engines for sale

Old age

I think this one succumbed to old age. Maybe its one of those idiot's who makes the web where there's no flies.
No evidence of physical injury.

Project BSA

A bit of work on the BSA. Mainly checking things bought and seeing what I have/what's needed. A lot of buying things then re selling bits of them. Then realising things bought are junk or need other bits that are like rocking horse dung. Lean it all together for a mock up. This makes it psychologically seem like its getting somewhere. I'm hung up on the rear wheel at the moment. I't's becoming a money pit. So many little bits needed to get a complete rear wheel.

Monday 25 October 2010

Wicked piece of history. Don Cates Mort Found.

This was on the show and go.
So cool to find these old customs from yesteryear like this. Here are the pics from show and go.

  The text from show and go reads "Not long after doing the post on Don Cates MORT Triumph Trike, I got this email, and over the weekend the link to the photos below. As of now this is all the info I have. Enjoy,

"I saw the magazine article you posted on your web site and I just wanted to let you know

Fight for something

This battle has raged for a while now.
"Bikes Meet: 17:00 5th November 2010 @ Villiers Street
Gather outside Westminster City Hall by 18:30.
"People should not be afraid of their government; governments should be afraid of their people."
Show Westminster City Council that you won't be used as a cash cow any longer."

Sunday 24 October 2010

Bikes I saw

These good old good ones I saw recently at autojumbles.
Indian Scout.
indian scout bobber
indian scout engine

 Is this some sort of "Norbeam" looks like the Norton 16H engine. The frame looks different. The damper knob says Sunbeam.
Slamming Honda.