Wednesday 4 May 2011

Nice custom cub

Another nice one on Daikoube. Customised Honda c90 c70 cub c50 chopper thing etc

Turbo Visor

Saw this on that motorcycho one, good one. Then I googled it and found the photo here

Monday 2 May 2011


I need a seat and was considering one of those Bates type nock offs. I see the Haifley bros do good ones, also Bear parts. Theyre all a bit pricey tho, A consultation with Baybutt resuted in me attempting to make one.
Seems it isn't that hard ha ha.
Need a welder now as I have no access to a welder. Also upholstery
Maybe if I can find a second hand seat that would be easier after all. Anyone got a small solo seat for sale? (not lycett type, more bates'y)
Also, can anyone do welding on the bike? Fuel tank, seat bracket etc? I did all the engine and mechanic stuff, that's the easy bit. Now I am a bit stumped having no welding/fabricating gear.

Sunday 1 May 2011


Hi there
   A small video of the bike being run. Still need to fix the idle and needs tinkering with but it ran.


It runs!! Got the oil tank cleaned, gearbox oil'd, temporary fuel tank rigged up to test, makeshift throttle cable for now. After many kicks and a thrashed leg and foot, I managed to get the thing to start. Nice one.