Friday 22 July 2011

Sideburn bash 2

More photos, some from me and some from ES of the Sideburn do
 I discuss the BSA with El Solitario
 DSC Norton

 Cycling enthusiast Jim
 Fellow artist Lewis
 El Solitario

Sideburn bash 1

It was a good turnout, with loads of cool bikes and folks. Good to meet some people there for the first time.
My camera only partially worked so here are some pics of mine and some kindly sent by El Solitario mc.Thanks for the images. There was food and music and beers on offer. My photos are more inferior and You can tell which are which (El Solitario's=good) I went on the BSA.
 Talking with bikes
 Cooking grub
 Ben of Sideburn

 Ben the king of Benlys rode in with the hound in a sidehack.

Thursday 21 July 2011

More from Japan

That Daikoube place/person/people has more slamming pictures. I assume these could be fron NOCS parking maybe.
Cool ratty sort of Honda cub custom
 Good old good one with Japanese lump
 Another customized Honda cub

Monday 18 July 2011

Sparetime coverage

Good old Sparetime take photos of all the bikes so You don't have to! Go there and see.
Here's a couple of the old nails that I liked

Good old Japanese chopper show

Daikoube had some nice shots, A customised Honda cub and a mad blinging girder.

Sunday 17 July 2011

Sideburn 8 launch party

I want to go. All details here


This time its a rear tyre blowout! one day I'll complete a journey on this thing. Made it 25 miles into my 100 mile quest.

Back in business.

The piston got torched previosly, I had trouble finding a replacement as it had a long rod high comp one in there, any b series owners may know that most stuff like that is for the short rod later versions. I managed to track down a +40 piston at a sane price from Petes classic bike parts in the Netherlands. The previous piston was a strange one as it was an actual BSA piston (not Hepolite or etc), and since getting this new one I now realise it was like 8:1 cr, wheras the one I got to replace it is 8.5:1. Hope thats not going to cause problems!.This one is a MC cast piston. It has a skirt seperation slot which the other one didn't so hopefully that will make it less likely to nip up.
I spent ages trying to fit the final circlip in, then I could not get it to seat, after ages I realised I was putting it in the side that already had a circlip!
I hate doing the timing, 7/16" btdc. It took ages to do, only to realise I made the mistake of setting it to 7/16" after tdc! 2'nd error of the day. Set it to the reccomended 7/16"btc fully advanced, but seems to me ike there's a lot of variables to simply set the pionts to .002 @ 7/16" btdc. What about mag pinion play and stuff.
Stagger the ring gaps, none on the thrust side bla bla.