Saturday 18 December 2010

Happy customers

A group of fellow atists and I had a pop up shop for our artwork in Kings Cross recntly. I put out some CFH tees for sale as well. These party animals went nuts for them and bought some at the opening night. So excited were they, that they changed into the tees that very night.

Friday 17 December 2010

Imagine finding this (Brough Superior)

Just browsing flickr, This amazing Brough Superior "Barn Find" In this case the caption reads "under a house for 50 years" this from georgedulcot flickr

Wednesday 15 December 2010

Yokohama 2010

Got this one from sparetime

BSA Goldstar duplex rigid type frame

If I win the lottery...(ebay link).
This one is on ebay at the moment, It's a replica of the double downtube BSA single b32/34 frame. It would be good to make a bike around this but it's a bit pricey or the likes of me.
 I would like this frame. Heres the text from the ebay listing. "Replica BSA frame, originally designed by Bill Nicholson in 1951 as a trials bike, and going into production in 1953 with the all alloy BB32/34 engine and the gearbox that had just been developed for the new swing arm frame. Bikes were the prepared for Daytona in Febuary 1954 with Shooting Star and modified BB engines which were effectively a small fin prototype of the soon to be announced CB  engine. After the big success at Daytona with BSA having taken the first five places  with four bikes with this frame and Dick Klamforth 2nd on an early swing arm Shooting Star, the bikes were then equiped with wide bars and appeared one month later at Ascot, it only took BSA to start selling the rigid flattracker in the States with the first bikes appearing with 500cc DB engines,. The main picture shows a frame prepared to Daytona Shooting star spec, each frame is prepared as per order"

Monday 13 December 2010

Customised Royal Enfield

Yokohama picture via Sparetime. Good to see people using different bikes to make nice customs out of. All the amazing Harleys, Triumphs, and Yamaha's are also joined by some other worthy carcasses. I like this Enfield and the accompanying illustration (not by me) Stoop motorcycles.