Saturday 15 October 2011

The Gaskettes, all girl moped gang!

Swoon and Desroy! (Thats the website)
Got sent a "heads up" about these lot. Yea girls for a change. An all girl moped gang from LA called The Gaskettes. Nice to see some girls doing cool stuff with bikes, and seems they're super media savvy-ness is getting them some attention.
Swoon and Destroy
The Facefuzz

I went on their facebook and got these images, and got sent a couple too. Way too rad already for trendy lids, massive brain buckets are the order of the day.

 Puch maxi, one of the ped's of choice.

Thursday 13 October 2011


I got this new Haifley Brothers seat and p-pad from Lowbrow Customs. I can ditch the home made one, which is fine, but it's upholstered with gaffa tape and an old handbag. I hope this Haifley one looks good on the bike, the bracket and position will be different.