Wednesday 18 August 2010

Motor time.

Took the engine apart to establish what I have/clean and sort out. A few nice discoveries on this lump. 500cc barrel and head, high comp piston. Polished con rod and lightened flywheels. Goldie type cams and timing pinion, and some sort of goldie inlet valve too. Some work has been done on the rocker arms also. This engine should tear some serious hole when it's done.

Tuesday 17 August 2010

BSA M20 gearbox

I open the inspection cover for te first time in however many years/decades

argh, disaster!

The bike project thing

I have got to slap all the bits together for a look, and list what I need to get. Almost looks like a bike now, exept the wheels. I threw a couple of round things on there just for a laugh. Bsa m20 m21 m33 b31 b33 350cc bobber chopper etc

Monday 16 August 2010

Triumph unit cafe racer slab

Witnessed this clump, Nice one for the cafe brigade

Moto Guzzi Nuovo Falcone.

This one was a spectacle to behold, Especially that mad exhaust thing.
There's some text I found on t'internet about this suckah.
"This was a total redesign of the much-loved and famous Falcone. While looking very similar in appearance, the engine and cycle parts were upgraded greatly from the original. The original Falcone had a non-unit looking engine and gearbox with magneto ignition and a dry sump. The Nuovo Falcone has unit construction, coil and battery ignition and wet sump. The final chain drive was also moved to the left. The huge external flywheel was retained, but hidden under an alloy cover (except for the bottom edge, that can still be seen whirling beneath the left footrest). The cycle parts were also upgraded. " To read more go here

Military Matchless

Saw this nice "trailer Queen" whilst out on the m25. Mind You, judging by that wear on the gearbox it's seen plenty of riding action. I suppose this is a Matchless g3l in a sort of desert trim or something