Thursday 25 November 2010

Look at this great steed

I just saw this on the motart blog. Its a good blog. Here is the accompanying text lifted from motart "This Thomann is from 1929, the engine is a 350 super sport from Zurcher, I found this bike in a barn in the spring ... the guy had it out for sale at a flea market, the bike was his dad's one who died in the late 60's and since she had never turned more ...These machines were usually of 175cc capacity and used an elephant logo.
after some work on the bike (cleaning the fuel, lubrication ...)
She started as if time did not exist ..... Today she runs like a clock, I used regularly enough to make small trip and go to dinner with my friends."

Sunday 21 November 2010

Board track racers on an oval

Looks like its more of a demonstration than a race. I spose theyre not opening them up too much for safety reasons.

Indian Board Track Blaster

Sounds amazing. Pump up the volume