Saturday 16 April 2011

Work on the BSA

Fit in a day on the BSA. I managed to install the nos rear brake components so I now have a rear brake. Also realised that a Yoke I bought for 30 quid was a total waste of money. Its identical to the m20 one but with a 1" stem diameter instead of 1 1/8" which I need. Must be of a c11 or something. The b series yoke I have on there Does not hit the steering stops on the frame. Wanted - 1 BSA M20 bottom yoke.
 Good Royal Enfield at Andy Tiernan's

1924 Indian Scout Coney Island Grid

Apparently 30.50 cu in which is 499 (500cc) according to google. I found this image on Zoomymadness blog.

Friday 15 April 2011

Ye Olden Days

Good shiz from the georgedulcot
He says of this picture in it's caption, "Thomas Green was the original owner of my OHV Twin JAP powered Matchless. He raced it in the 1st Australian TT race at Goulburn in 1914."

 A golden oldie. It's the frame sector of the Laurin & Klement factory 1904 according to the caption

Thursday 14 April 2011

Mashup Meguro

I like looking at Meguro's. Mad that Japanese bike engines looked like this once. From Daikoube again.

Tuesday 12 April 2011

Somethin goin down

This lot from Daikoube again. Just a small selection. Can't read Japanese but I assume this could be the Joints parking bit. Could be wrong tho. This thing's nuts, Aint got a clue what it is. Says Tsubasa on the lump.

 And a madcap Harley

Monday 11 April 2011

Gravel Crew

Had to shove this one on here. Gravel Crew dun good. Pic from Sparetime


Can't tell what's going on here, Is this a cub bottom end transformed into a v twin? Or one of those agricutural engine things or whatever. Also from sparetime

Hit the Joint

Those crazy guys have done some mad slammin cubs. All the good pics at Sparetime
Customised Honda cub c90 c70 etc

Sunday 10 April 2011

Shiny mo fo

Check this. from El Caganer

Slammin Goldie

From dynamick55

Russell Motors

It's like going back in time. Vintage nos BSA parts over the counter. I almost don't want to open this.
Russell Motors is a family business established over 50 years ago. Started by Bill Myers after finishing in service with the RAF in 1945, he specialised in ex war department spares buying from military auctions, and supplying customers and dealers in England and the rest of the world from our shop in Battersea.


Hi there
  If anyone is reading this, Thank You for any tshirt orders, and please be patient regarding the delivery. I screen print them myself, that way they never go out of stock. It also means I have to do the printing after work, or at weekends if its a heavy week. It's cool and thanks for patience.