Saturday 31 December 2011

I searcheth.

I searcheth beyond yonder flickr homepage, behold, I presenteth the results thus. Yea more Hondas innit.
Check the shiz out of this CB750 custom jobby. Then get Your face all over this CB 125 Cafe thing.
I got the Honda CB750 Four custom from Mike Salek's Photostream
I got the Honda cb125 custom from thepanman99's photostream

honda cb custom cb750 bratstyle firestone tyres honda cb125 cafe custom etc bla bla

Friday 30 December 2011

Reality Rides

I clicketh here, I clicketh there. Anyway I clicked on several links and then I was on yonder Mksim site thing. Lots of really cool images and videos in one stylish place. Of  late, the humble Honda has muscled it's way into my thoughts. It's all very well looking at all these JAP engined secials but you have to have serious paper or decades in the game for realisation of those dreams. Good old Hondas. Sturdy, cheap, reliable, and look, a stylish 'Girl' is on one. Yea some of these pics might be a bit old and I have no clue where they originated but all these I got from this Mksim site place. It's all French so I understandeth not.

Thursday 29 December 2011


Just saw this linked on t'interweb. Not a massive BMW fan but Yea I like them, I especially like the really early ones. This is one of those stylish edity styled softy music videos. If You get impatient skip forward to 1.17, thats where some wicked stuff goes down. Then 2.07 is the next raucus bit. Good video. Good work.

Wednesday 28 December 2011

Yo Ho Hoe's 3

Checked out the old CG. Thinking of somehow laquering it and riding the thing. Also the Christmas period is a chance to do essential 4 wheel maintenance.

Yo Ho Hoe's part 2

Yea been offline for a while, But here's some from the regularly checked blogs!
Sideblog has this good Goldstar, I'd love one of these barstards. A Goldstar Flat tracker.

 I was on that Pete Stansfield site Eat t' Rich, There was a link to JLC's Flickr, With images of the North Weald Sprint, I HAVE to go to that. ( I posted pics before)

And a crazy machine from Japanese blog Daikoube

Yo Ho Hoe

That's that out of the way for another Year.

Thursday 22 December 2011

"motocross, cfh and more"

Went for a ride yesterday. First time ever on a proper track. Amazing time. Got both wheels off the mud an inch or so...!
 Best fun ever.
Also bumped into this legend - if you haven't watched this then stop what you're doin' and get it in your eyes right now.

Saturday 17 December 2011

For Sale

Suzuki GS550's. Not mine. Email/ contact Steve Clark for all information. V5's all round. Get Your Mad Max on.

Monday 12 December 2011

early adventure

A daft adventure from london to the Alps before the 250 got chopped. (March 2008) A bit cold and wet but best time ever. Full photo story here