Saturday 20 October 2012

More film. Bonneville Speed Week 2012

I took a lot of footage out there. I have made a small film here using some of it.

Wednesday 17 October 2012

For Sale Yamaha xs250 1979

This is a Yamaha xs250 twin. I have the documents, they're in the post to be transfere'd to me. For anyone who buys the bike I will sign the new documents and forward them to You when I get them back. I have the new keeper supplement with me as proof. email for more deets.
In these pictures the front claiper is off as I freed it up. It's back on there now.
The bike stood unused in a garage for a long time. We id the usual procedures for starting a bike like this, cleaned all the old fuel from carbs and tank, put some new fuel, and with jump leads (battery's flat) the bike started right up. Looks like it was last on the road in 1997
Seemed to run pretty good. It has really nice exhausts on it too. this would make an ideal cheap commuter or a cafe racer type project bike. While it ran the lights were working, horn and brake lights front and rear. Looks like it dosen't need much for an mot. Just a bit of a tinker and clean it up. Free up and oil any stiff parts. The front brake will need repairing. (old dried up fluid)
I have a red rear seat cowl to go with it too.

Me painting helmets in Spain. By KT Fender

A great video put together by KT, featuring me painting stuff at this Mula event in Spain this year.Me Me Me.
Maxwell Paternoster + El Solitario MC from kristina Fender on Vimeo.