Saturday 11 September 2010

BSA b series Autorace/speedway thing

Adrian of Motofreako sent these pics of a mysterious b31 or b33 autorace bike, or could it be speedway with squashed handlebars? Whatever, I like bseries BSA's and I like this.

Tuesday 7 September 2010

Ceck out these museum shots

Great detail shots of these oldy's are on this batch from mitch100
Here's a Matchless Silver hawk with something dodgy going on at the front, and
what looks like a pacing machine.

Classic bike racing pictures

Have a look at Kiwiriders photos. Theres loads of vintage racing bikes in action. Like this racing Rudge (stationary here) and this B series BSA below

Sunday 5 September 2010

Eye candy randomizer

These images from Bankara, Asitwas and I dont know

1960 DBD34 500cc BSA Goldstar flypast.

Great video. Just what You need for a vintage fix. The sound of a goldie engine at high revs

Motorcycle chums

Got sent pics of these cool olde motorcycle books. Nice illustrations. From The Vorhese Blog

1921 Proaganda Van

I had this postcard for ages. It's one I got from a secondhand shop somewhere. I was intrigued by the madcap van/3 wheeler thing. I had never seen one of these before. It almost looks too mad to have existed. I have googled this in the past to no avail but I tried recently and found some information. Seems it has been identified for some other curious party. It is a 1913 Cyklon Cyklonette Delivery Van. Here is a writeup of this mo fo from a good flickr member stkone
"Cyklon (sometimes written Cyclon) was a german motorcycle an car manufacturer, located in Berlin-Charlottenburg. The company founder Paul Schauer started 1900/01, as one of the first in germany, producing motorcycles in series. The frames where selfamde, while the engines where purcased from Werner, Zédèl and De Dion. The first type has frontdrive, with the ioe-motor of 300 cm³ and 1,5 hp over the frontwheel and a beltdrive. Motorcycle production ceased 1905.
1902 a three-wheeler with the name "Cyklonette" and a 350 cm³, 3,5hp engine was constructed and became relatively wide used. 1904 a twin-cylinder version, as seen her, was introduced. The engine has a displacement from 750 cm³. They where used as cabs in Berlin and produced until 1923. 1920 an even larger type with 1290 cm³ and 10hp where introduced but it turned out that this was to expensive. The three-wheeler production ceased then in 1923, after Jacob Schapiro became majority stockholder."
This machine is probably brown flakes in a landfill or something, and that driver is wormfood, or he's about 100 - 110 years old, interesting food for thought in this image.