Saturday 17 December 2011

For Sale

Suzuki GS550's. Not mine. Email/ contact Steve Clark for all information. V5's all round. Get Your Mad Max on.

Monday 12 December 2011

early adventure

A daft adventure from london to the Alps before the 250 got chopped. (March 2008) A bit cold and wet but best time ever. Full photo story here

Sunday 11 December 2011

honda rebel, wall of death & a wetsuit. Lincolnshire done.

Roadtrip with Malco to deepest darkest Lincolnshire
saw a dalek
 Picked up a honda rebel modded for riding a brand new wall of death. (bike doesn't suit the wall - too low / too much rake for no hands tricks)
Watch this space for Colini's Wall of Death. Gonna to be amazing; can't wait.
 saw an old guy riding an ancient TT bike with a tuff top lid, spare tyre and a wetsuit on. That disk wheel must be fun in the wind over the Fens... A wetsuit!
home in time to fix my new tail light