Friday 6 January 2012

Harken unto this

Biholden these pictures be at large within Sideburn Magazine. Haven the yarn within the mag joinen unto. Sam Christmas, he dide these great photos, Tofore this, The mag hath been publisheth, so thinketh me it's ok to displeien them. As I say get the full story in the mag because I wrote a bunch of text that encompasseth it.

Wednesday 4 January 2012

welding school at 18 bikes

Click HERE for link to the best bicycle shop in the Peaks. 18 Bikes, Hope, Derbyshire


A quick Bank Holiday scorch to the Ace, once the hub of the Cafe Racer scene. Not this day tho. Bleak chilly concerete expanse with a sprinkling of pristine sport bikes, couple of baggers and some touring type mammoth's. There was this ratted out GS750 there tho!

Tuesday 3 January 2012

Où est ma moto

Found in the barn in france! Small Peugeot engined two stroke. Nice one Nick? It might be a DOT not sure tho.

Monday 2 January 2012

Good small bike fun sent over

Thanks to Bob Porcaro for sending a link to his Honda CB 125 modified in a street tracker style. The site is SHA14.12

 Small fun honda cb125 custom tracker bobber chop rattracker etc

Rudge it

Endless Wrench is the source where I discovered this. There is also some text, it goes thus:
"1936 Rudge Speedway Factory Racer from British Rudge Motorcycle Manufacturing Company LTD. It was owned and raced throughout California in the 1960s by Sonny Kenyon. It is all original and unrestored. Powered by a 4 stroke 500cc single cylinder J.A.P. with ethanol burning and 4 VALVE HEAD!!!"