Saturday 19 February 2011

Good old good one

I forgot about some of the additional photos Baybutt took ages ago when I had that other BSA. Here's a good old good one. BSA B31 B32 B33

Just for the hell of it

A couple of pictures of George Brough's personal grid "Old Bill"
This from This guy
This from Brough Superior Club (looks like a different front end)

Blog Randomiser

This swoon inducing BSA Goldstar flat tracker from Pipeburn.
Some may be reposts, I can't remember.
Unknown source for this rigid BSA B31/33 (ebay logo in corner)
Another B series BSA, Can't remember where I nicked this photo.
This wicked Ariel Square Four from Daikoube

Monday 14 February 2011

Somebody else's artwork show.

This Stevie Gee guy's pretty good at art. He has links with the Death Spray and Sideburn and a host of other hip/cool things/companys. Anyway If You like cool art go to this show on thursday. Its in the hornet's nest of hip/cool stuff, Hoxton London.