Saturday 28 July 2012

The only London Olympics transportation

Yea! Olympics Transport: 1974 Honda c70 with Stomp 140cc engine, 16 HP at flywheel (claimed).  25" wide, the only thing needed to get around in the olimpicalypse.

Tuesday 24 July 2012

Valtoron Motorcycles by Kristina Fender

These people Valtoron Motorcycles were present at the Mula Fest in Madrid. The bikes they had on display were (and still are)  top notch customs, covered in home made custom parts, a lot of which were cast.  The guys were demonstrating casting techniques at the show with a makeshift casting setup. This video of the action was created by Photographer/video'er/sidecar monkey Kristina Fender. Check out the video and Check out her website, and her motocycle based photography blog.
The Valtoron lot don't have a website.

Valtoron Motorcycles from kristina Fender on Vimeo.

Monday 23 July 2012

Activity update: Mula Fest 3

Here are more pics

 Gonzo BMW I painted
 The amazing Baula BMW

 Wild CG 125 Custom

Activity update: Mula Fest 2

More pics.
More of the Valtoron motorcycles

 The Elsolitario mc area.

Activity update : Mula Fest Spain1

I went to this thing in Madrid called Mula Fest. It was a combination of custom bike show, tatoo convention, bmx/skate park thing, art/photography exhibition, dance and live bands etc. The bike show section had lots of stuff going on, and some good bikes as well. The Spanish people like to party and the regulations seem less enforced there. People were frequently starting the bikes and riding them around inside the venue. It was funny stuff. Amongst the vendors there was the elsolitario mc stand, where I was based painting some helmets and things. It was the best fun stand to be at with dj'ing and drinks and a good atmosphere as usual.
Here are pictures. The Wrenchmonkees were there.This is me with them.

 These Valtoron people had some amazing bikes. They were casting parts at the event.
 One of the helmets I painted (not the pinstriping)