Saturday 18 September 2010

John - Norton Bitsa

This things great to look at in person. Apparently it's been being made for years. I cant be sure but I think Its a Norton Atlas engine mated to a 1930's Norton model 30 carcass. Crazy bitsa.
That's the owner/ builder there.

Thursday 16 September 2010

Vladimir Alekseevich Yarets Global Biker

I saw this bike today in Notting Hill. I took this photo of Yarets. This guy has an amazing journey he has been on since 2000. He is deaf and mute as You can see from the picture below. His mission is to enter the Guiness book of records for being the only deaf and mute person to travel the globe on a motorcycle. Since 2000 he has traveled through more than 69 countries and covered a total distance exceeding 302.279 km.
Check his website here. 

The O.G Bike Generation

This photo was sent by Ted from up north. The original bike generation, when BSA's were ten a penny and Japanese bikes were the laughing stock. The term "Old Boy Network" is one often heard amongst us younger folks, and I think the term is applicable here. Ted has a load of british iron knocking around, as do many from his generation. Forget the web, all thats needed is phone and photo's by post. Better way to roll IMHO. BTW Ted has a running B31 plunger up for sale. Pic taken outside Froggy's Saloon Daytona Beach. Cheers to ted no worries re the bits.

Sunday 12 September 2010

Netley Marsh Autojumble September 2010


Vintage suzuki t305 with wacky bars
Dont know what this dinosaur is
Terrot 350 hs or something?

Netley Marsh Autojumble September 2010


BSA a7 I think. Garden find. £800.00. not too bad a price. turned over. The wheels are just junk random wheels on rods just to aid with the moving of the hulking mass. severe corrosion was present on the lower parts of the bike, although I didnt inspect it too closely. I would have bought it if I had 800 nicker to blow.

Netley Marsh Autojumble September 2010

A few more
New hudson type E ?
Norton open megaphone type exhaust

Netley Marsh Autojumble September 2010

Here are more from the Netley Marsh codger fest
This looks like a vintage Kawasaki a7 twin 350cc with high pipes

This looks like a 1930's BSA 250cc Empire Star model b22 or something

Dont know what this old carcass is

Netley Marsh Autojumble September 2010

I took lot's of photos at the Autojumble. Loads of old bits that I like to look at. It doesent translate very well to photographs so I deleted most. It would be good to have the photography skills to capture the tangled masses of barmy shapes and random antique castings that are battling the sands of time. Baybutt's the photography expert but he's on holiday. Here are a bunch of pictures. I can't Identify all the machines here so If anyone happens to know the model's Feel free to advise.
 I think I see that illusive 1915 AJS model D cog, oh wait, no it's not.
Second bike looks like a Kawasaki h2 triple. Velocette at the top. bottom looks like a BSA g14 1000cc vtwin. More pics to follow.