Thursday 20 December 2012

Original Artwork Available

I created 4 original paintings based on the DicE Magazine cover I did. They are available at the El Solitario MC online shop. (click for link)
Here is the Writeup from the store:-
"A series of five exclusive paintings by Maxwell Paternoster, the artist behind Corpses from Hell.
The paintings are 21cm x 29.5cm on a paper that is 28cm wide x 38cm high, hand painted using acrylic paint and black ink. Also featuring 22 ct gold leaf details.

Based on Maxwell´s Dice Magazine cover, each image has slight variations (only slight!), making it unique. They are signed and numbered by the artist.
The paper used is top quality 300gm LANA watercolor paper, made from 100% cotton fibers. Acid free with an alkali reserve, no optical brighteners and an anti-mould coating, make this one of the most age resistant papers available.
The brilliance, intensity, and shine of water colour on this paper are one of life’s little pleasures."
Note :- These are watermarked photos, actual paintings are sans watermark. They are also signed.