Wednesday 9 June 2010

Muscle Machine

This great picture from Bike magazine 1976. Muscle Machine of Sweden made all in one cafe racer-ish fiberglass tank/side pannel's/seat kits for the 500 and 750 honda four's and Kawasaki fours amongst others. Bengt EK & Roger Johansson are the team. Nice Honda cb500 or cb750 cafe racer custom

Monday 7 June 2010

Vintage helmet customisation

This from jm2305

Fantic 125 at the Ace Cafe

Saw this suckah today. Nice restoration of this 125 Fantic Motor bike

Husqvarna v-twin from 1935

This from motor cycling magazine, 1957. The text reads:- "Students in design have somethng to ponder here in the 1934 Swedish Husqvarna v-twin senior engine on which Stanley Woods put up the fastest lap at 80.49 m.p.h"

Sunday 6 June 2010

T.T. Power

From Motor Cycling magazine 1957. Nice picture of a Velocette KTT ohc power unit.

Lamberetta & Vespa scooters super cheap from Pride & Clarke

Ill Have 5 of those Lamberetta's please

Honda cb750 drifting from 1976

I like this video from the early days of drifting, Nice cb750 with a good exhaust system. straight through pipes. What's also interesting is the chemistry between the presenter and Brad. Aaaaaaawww.