Wednesday 30 December 2009

Which telescopic forks fit Honda c90 cub?

Especially for people who are scouring google for that answer. As I was.
Here is the answer.
Which telescopic fron forks fit honda c90's? Answer = cg 125, most cb's up to 125.
There are others that are much harder to come by. Cd50 etc but those are less common in England.
The cg and cb front end's have a larger front wheel than the cub so that could be an issue. I am going to try mating a cub front wheel to the cg forks. In this pic I have cb100 forks with a cub wheel jammed in for tests. The cb 100 forks were off a later disk model and I don't want the disk.


  1. Nice one, any advances on the project and photo updates??

  2. Hi there
    No advances on this one at the moment, I came to a standstill with the front end as I didn't want to use the large cb wheel. and the original c90 wheel doesent fit properly. So I need to sort that out.

  3. I found CG 125 yokes have a too short a stem. Didn't fit my 1983 C50LA or my 1998 C90. They where the older type yokes though with the helmet lock on the handlebar clamp. H 100 yokes are supposed to fit, haven't tried that yet. Or I was told that Honda MT 5 onesd fit. Guess what. They don't. Stem's too short!

  4. Quick update;

    CG 125 and H 100 yokes fit.

    I've got CG 125 yokes and MT 5 forks and front wheel on one, and the other will have a CG 125 front forks/ yokes and C 90 wheel.

  5. what single crown forks fit do u know any that will ?? cheers mark

  6. would a dt125 forks and yokes fit my 1985 cub 90 project 12v square headlight model does anyone know .? .???
    thanks all in advance

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